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Frequently Asked Questions
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A project presented in collaboration with Science Career Impact Project.

Our Mission:

To provide an active-learning and professional skill-building experience by collaborating on a trainee-directed project under the guidance of an industry facilitator.

Upcoming Milestones:

The 2018 ITCS is now complete. Please stay tuned for more details regarding 2019 ITCS. You can refer to previous milestones below.

  • ITCS Information Session: November 9, 2017 (Please note that attendance to this event is mandatory to apply for ITCS.) 

ITCS Information Session (Nov 9, 2017): a forum where students meet facilitators and learn about what they do in their job and what possible case studies they can work on together. Facilitator presentations will be followed by a networking session. Registration closes on November 9 at 12 PM; walk-ins are welcome!

  • ITCS Trainee Applications Open: November 10 to 23, 2017
  • Launch Event: February 1, 2018

Launch Event (Feb 1, 2018): an event where students meet their case study team and industry mentor, and begin outlining their plan for the next 4 months.

Interim Event (Apr 5, 2018): an event where students engage in round discussions with trainees from different groups to discuss their project status and gather feedback from their peers.

ITCS Showcase (May 24, 2018): an event where students present their findings from their project led by industry professionals.

How to Apply

Trainee applications will be open for two weeks following the November ITCS Information Session, available only to those who registered and attended.

What is the purpose?

Gain hands-on industry experience while in graduate school! Investigate a product or therapeutic area and develop a compelling report to convince an audience to invest … to partner … to follow a strategy.


Over a 4-month period, you and your team, coached by an industry professional (Facilitator), will analyze and derive insights about your topic of interest. Topics may include market events, clinical data, regulatory and reimbursement filings and approvals, or commercialization potential. After defining a compelling thesis and conducting in-depth research, you will deliver a pitch in the form of report and presentation to an industry panel.

Example Projects

  • Cross-Study comparison of safety and efficacy of two drugs for the treatment of a disease (Competitive analysis)
  • Probability of regulatory approval in Canada of a new drug (Licensing due diligence)
  • Efficacy and safety of an investigational drug for the treatment of a disease (Presentation to physicians)

Why should you participate?

Benefits For Trainees:

  • Gain practical skills and knowledge valued by pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device companies while in grad school.
  • Hands on experience that can help supplement any job application.
  • Network with peers and professionals
  • Improve job-seeker profile and ‘value offering’ towards your portfolio of experience.

Benefits for Facilitators:

  • Gain leadership and people development experience
  • Network with talented trainees and professionals
  • Give back to the academic community by providing insight and tips to graduates, interested on exploring their options after graduation.

Past Success

Learn more about how we bridged the gap between academia and employment here!

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